QUEENSLAND – Uber Eats anger:

From the Gold Coast Bulletin by Sally Coates.
Uber Eats anger: Growing number of locals complain their food deliveries being ’stolen’ by drivers
A GOLD Coast DJ is calling for Uber Eats to monitor drivers more closely after his $60 Indian food order failed to arrive.
Mitch Woodward ordered four jumbo spring rolls, a vegan butter paneer, two garlic and herb naans, a vegan korma and a dessert naan to his Broadbeach Waters home on Monday night.
But as he watched the delivery driver approach his home on the Uber Eats app, his order was cancelled.
Frustrated, as his wait had already been close to an hour, and having no way to contact the driver, he called the restaurant to find out what had happened.
The restaurant owner was just as confused as him.
Mitch Woodward’s Uber Eats order was stolen by his driver last night. Picture: Jerad Williams
“I checked the app one minute and it said he was six minutes away, and then I got a notification saying it had been cancelled,” Mr Woodward said.
“So I called the restaurant and they said it was cancelled on the driver’s end.
“The driver had cancelled and said it was the wrong order for the wrong location, but the restaurant owner said that wasn’t true and the driver didn’t go back or anything.
“So he’s just taken off with the food.”
The restaurant owner told Mr Woodward the problem had been happening regularly, with drivers cancelling deliveries and keeping the food for themselves.
After a trip is cancelled, the customer has no way of contacting the driver and Uber customer service advises unsatisfied customer to reflect it in the star rating.
But if the job is not completed, there is no option to leave a star rating, meaning the driver gets away scot-free.
Mr Woodward, who has been left with a sour taste over the affair, was eventually issued with a refund and a $5 credit, but the funds take a number of business days to be returned.
After he went public with his experience, out of frustration, he found there were dozens of people who had been through the same situation.
“There are obviously bigger issues in the world, but this is a service that as consumers we pay for, so it should be delivered the way it is promised,” Mr Woodward said.
“I would like to see Uber be more involved, and hold their drivers to account.”
An Uber Eats spokeswoman said it had a 24/7 support team “and encourage users of the app to contact us with any concerns”.
But the app and website have no phone number or email address.
She said added that the company regularly “reminded” drivers to take care.
“We remind delivery partners to take great care during the delivery process to ensure the quality of meals they deliver for restaurants reflect the restaurant’s standards, and that the correct order is delivered,” she said.

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