UBER is coming to the ¬Northern Territory.
The NT News understands the multinational ride-sharing company has reneged on its decision not to set up in the NT after complaining the fee structure enacted by the NT Government was too ¬expensive.
Industry sources have ¬revealed Transport Minister Eva Lawler will announce the Uber news at a press ¬conference today.
It is understood the Government has not made any changes to its regulations in order to entice Uber to the NT.
Although Uber’s arrival will infuriate the taxi industry, it is a win for consumers who will have more transport options at cheaper prices.
A Gunner Government spokesman would not confirm if Uber were coming to the Territory.
Uber and the NT Government have been locked in a stalemate for more than a year, with each side unwilling to compromise on regulations needed to allow the company to operate.
In April 2017, Deputy Chief Minister Nicole Manison ¬announced a suite of reforms – worked through with a steering committee which included representatives from Uber – needed to open the market to ride-sharing.
When Uber baulked at the regulations, they were put on hold until earlier this year.
Perth outfit Hi Oscar ¬became the first ride-sharing business to set up shop in the NT in February.
Under the new regulatory framework, taxi licence fees were slashed from $20,240 to $5000 in Darwin and $16,445 to $4000 in Alice Springs in order to placate cabbies.
To offset the decreases in ¬licence fees, the Government introduced a $1 levy for all rides in both taxis and ride-sharing services.
Taxis drivers have objected to ride-sharing businesses eating into their already diminishing profit margins. They claim passengers with disabilities are worse off as wheelchair-equipped taxis would be the first to succumb to pressure from ride sharing.

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