MELBOURNE Taxi owners to campaign for Coalition

Ex-Melbourne taxi licence holders set to campaign for Coalition KIERAN ROONEY, Transport, Herald Sun, May 24, 2018 7:30pm
EXCLUSIVE: THOUSANDS of former taxi licence owners could soon be campaigning for the Coalition under a deal being negotiated with Opposition Leader Matthew Guy.
In a text message seen by the Herald Sun, Victorian Taxi Hire Car Families and other advocacy groups have advised its members of a looming deal between the party and those impacted by deregulation.
“A policy (agreement$) (sic) is being drawn up by Jeff Kennett and Matthew Guy and the Liberals will be presenting it sometime in June we believe,” the message reads. “Once we all agree our job is to protest wherever we can to try our very best to help the Liberals win this November State Election.”
is being drawn up by Jeff Kennett and Matthew Guy. Picture: Stuart McEvoy
Opposition Transport spokesman David Davis said many Coalition figures were speaking regularly with those affected by deregulation.
“These are people who are no longer in the industry because they have gone broke,” he said.
“We’re very sympathetic to their plight and what has occurred is disgraceful.
“The Fairness Fund has been an absolute travesty and not compensated people in the most dire circumstances.”
“What Premier Daniel Andrews has done has destroyed many people and he (Jeff Kennett) has always been a strong supporter of the taxi industry.”
Since deregulation the cost of a taxi licence has fallen from over $23,000 to $52.90, with a $1 levy imposed on all ride share trips to fund compensation for the industry.
As many as 3000 former licence owners are believed to be members of the Victorian Taxi Hire Car Families.
Public Transport Minister Jacinta Allan said the State Government had provided nearly $500 million in support since deregulation.
“You can’t trust Matthew Guy when it comes to taxis — it’s time for him to come clean on what promises he’s now made, if he plans to make Victorians pay more through an increase to the levy,” she said.