BRISBANE – Uber driver accused of raping 16yo.

Uber driver Anil Elabithungal Thomas accused of raping female passenger, 16 Vanessa Marsh, The Courier-Mail February 25.
A BRISBANE Uber driver has been accused of raping his 16-year-old passenger who was on her way to a friend’s after going out for ice cream.
Anil Elabithungal Thomas has pleaded not guilty to raping and sexually assaulting the Year 12 student in July 2017 after she ordered an Uber to get back to a friend’s house during the school holidays.
Thomas is facing trial in the Brisbane District Court and has pleaded not guilty to five counts of sexual assault, two charges of rape and one of ¬attempted rape.
In her opening address to the jury, Crown prosecutor Jessica Goldie said the girl would give evidence that Thomas took her to a vacant block of land in Manly West and assaulted her.
Anil Elavithungal Thomas is charged with raping a teenage girl who had caught the lift to go to buy ice-cream.
“She’ll tell you that when she got in the car she had a brief conversation with the defendant where he was asking her what she was doing, what she was studying and she told him she was in Year 12 at the time,” Ms Goldie said.
“When they got relatively close back to where she was meant to be dropped off, he in fact turned down a different side street and said to her that he had just broken up with his girlfriend and that he was feeling horny and he told her that she could fix the problem.
“It was at this point that he turned off what’s known as the Uber account, like a taxi turning off the meter.”
Ms Goldie said Thomas drove to a “dark grassy area” near a vacant block and turned off the engine.
“It was this point he leaned over to (the victim) who was ¬sitting in the front seat of the car and began kissing her on the lips, she’ll tell you she resisted this by closing lips and pulling her head back,” the prosecutor said.
“He then moved his hand into her underwear and touched her vagina and at the time she was frozen, she didn’t know what to do.”
Ms Goldie said the Uber driver then raped the girl in the back seat of the car before dropping her back to her friend’s house.
The court heard about eight witnesses are expected to be called during the trial, ¬including the girl’s mother, her friends and a DNA expert who is expected to give evidence that DNA matching Thomas’ profile was found on the girl’s underwear.
The trial continues.

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