Wednesday 20 February 2019
Upper House launches inquiry into impact of taxi licence value wipe-out
The Upper House of the Victorian Parliament has this afternoon voted to undertake a committee inquiry into the impact of Labor’s damaging decision to devalue taxi licences.
The Andrews Government paid compensation of $100 000 per licence for the first licence and $50 000 for up to an additional 3 licences.
The Victorian Ombudsman has reported negatively on the operation of Labor’s ‘Fairness Fund’ conceding “many licence holders lost a great deal of money”.
This inquiry will be conducted by the Upper House Economy and Infrastructure Committee and will review the Government’s CPV (Commercial Passenger Vehicle) reforms, and report back to the House regarding the operation of the CPV reforms and investigate further reforms to ensure Victorians benefit from the best functioning CPV industry possible.
The committee will present a report to the Upper House of Parliament within 6 months, after the Committee’s first meeting.
Comments attributable to Shadow Minister for Public Transport, David Davis:
“We are concerned Daniel Andrews has changed the rules and it has put people in a financially much worse position and that is one of the worst things a Premier can do.
We have heard too many stories of people who have lost hundreds of thousands of dollars because of Daniel Andrews’ mismanagement. We have heard deeply moving stories from hardworking families about financial stress, anxiety, depression and worse.”

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