Hello ATLOA Members,
Apologies for the spasmodic news over January, but we have been involved in lots of internal meetings plus additional meetings with Politicians and Lawyers.
FYI, the TCSA continue to seek compliance of the illegal operations of ride share operators, the levelling of operating costs and funding of the managed ranks. These are just three of the many points that are being constantly raised in all discussions.
We are all as bewildered as you would be as to why ride share has not been policed to the same level as taxis.
The TCSA have also been successful in extending the concierges at the Adelaide Airport for a further 6 months.
Considerable time has been allocated by the TCSA in discussions and research in regards to the Maurice Blackburn (MB) Class Action against Uber for when they were operating illegally.
The Class action presently involves, Victoria, New South Wales, Queensland & Western Australia. South Australia was initially thought of as not affected to the same extent as the other States. But MB now concede (after discussions with the TCSA) that with good evidence, we will be included.


Maurice Blackburn are asking for evidence of the illegal operations of Uber/UberX pre their accreditation in Adelaide on 31st October 2017.

If you, your family or friends have physical evidence to support Uber was operating before 31/10/17 we would dearly love to hear from you.
The more evidence submitted, the better it is for our case.
The evidence can be one of many forms including;
1) Uber fare receipt.
2) Uber drivers contract.
3) Infringement notice whilst driving for Uber.
4) Bank statement with Uber transaction,
5) Anything that identifies Uber operating pre 31.10.17.

Please contact me or Cheryle Conduit at the TCSA.
Regards Kym.
0427974901 Taxi Council of SA
8301 8400

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