TCSA – AGM 21.11.18 & Reasons to use TCSA

Wednesday 14th November 2018
Annual General Meeting
A reminder that the Annual General Meeting will be held at Fedora’s, Hilton Hotel at 7.00pm on Wednesday 21st November 2018. You should have received your Agenda and Financial Reports in the mail by now. Please make every effort to be there as we have some important industry updates.
Important Information re Leases and Transfers
The following requires action from you as a Taxi Council member. Please read carefully and encourage all Taxi Operators whether members or non-members to continue to conduct their leases and transfers through the Taxi Council.
On the 5th October 2018 the Taxi Council received a letter from the Minister for Transport advising that the licence transfer and lease process could continue to be provided by Taxi Council, but it had also been opened to being provided by other parties. There was no transition period and the Taxi Council had no time to prepare. As a result, services that we were able to provide to you can no longer be provided unless you continue to allow the Taxi Council to conduct the leases and transfers as we have done in the past. We believe that opening this service to more than one Agency will be to the detriment of you as the Operator who has always relied on us for advice and information based on excellent service and a desire to facilitate a fair transaction for all concerned.
Since 1998 the Taxi Council has been able to approve all taxi leases and licence transfers under an agreement with the government in accordance with strict government approved procedures. In the 20 years since, Taxi Council has ensured these services have been delivered with exceptional efficiency. Taxi Council created files for every licence and developed efficient and secure databases to support the fair, accurate and consistent management of licences. Your plate history is on record at our office with the files dating back to 1998. Details of every lease and licence transaction being securely held by Taxi Council means that we can help you with information about your licence history but also current trends in licence and lease values. As a result of the change in government policy this will now stop, if you do not choose the Taxi Council to conduct this business your plate file will not be able to be updated and Taxi Council will not be able to maintain the level of support it has given in the past. If you conduct your lease at a CBS, you will need to ask them for that information, you may even ask yourself how information will be able to transfer from one CBS to another if you decide to change companies?
The Taxi Council provided, free of charge, around 800 copies of lease documentation to help Operators obtain their assistance package. We were only able to do that because we had all the lease documentation and we did this because, as a not for profit industry association, we were there for the industry. In a new regime this information could well be held at more than one CBS and there may be charges. Simple issues like management of historical records will be jeopardized. Without your ongoing support for licence and lease transfer, Taxi Council will no longer be able to be provide these services to the industry.
The Taxi Council has no conflict of interest, we do not influence the weekly lease fee, we do not lease or even manage licences and therefore we provide a complete unbiased picture to people involved with a transaction. Until now we have been able to write on your behalf to Centrelink or the Tax Office with information of this nature to assist you with your asset management. Under the new arrangement we may not be able to provide this service any longer, unless operators continue to utilise our service to ensure quality records are maintained.
The Taxi Council does not own or operate taxi plates, we simply provide you with exact information on the pricing
trends over the entire industry. Under the new arrangements you may not get the whole story when deciding on
weekly prices or sale prices.
The Taxi Council is the only Agency with the level of knowledge, experience and records to assist with the
transfers of valuable property such as your Taxi Licence. We hold a register of interests held on a Taxi Licence
for the Financial Institutions and on behalf of those institutions ensure that any encumbrances are lifted prior to
a transfer. No other Agency has this register and unless we are consulted there may be a chance that at licence
with an encumbrance is transferred.
Over the years there have been many incidents where, if the processes had not been conducted in a professional
manner, the consequences could have been devastating for those involved. When pointing that out, we were
told it should be covered by the “buyer beware” principle. We have a different attitude to that and ask that you
conduct this type of transaction only at the Taxi Council to ensure your transaction is based on accurate
We have the expertise with handling deceased estates and have stopped licences being transferred to the wrong
beneficiary. We have engaged the services of our Lawyer to assist Operators who are in family disputes or need
advice. Who will ensure the security of your licence if you don’t choose the proven know-how of Taxi Council
services. Licences are property and dealing with them must be undertaken by skilled conveyancers.
There are some who understand the benefits of continuing the provision of services through the Taxi Council
and at least one CBS has expressed that it understands the importance of maintaining the longstanding
arrangements for licence transactions by staying with the Taxi Council.
A Taxi Licence is still considered property and this is supported by the courts with regular requests by lawyers
for current licence values in relation to a deceased person’s estate. If operators don’t continue to support Taxi
Council who will be able to provide this information in the future? While it may have been an oversight DPTI did
not even include a space for the licence value on the newly revised forms until challenged by Taxi Council. You
need to continue to support your Taxi Council.
Wheelchair Accessible Taxis are General Taxis with conditions. When conducting a transfer, the new owner
must sign that those conditions have been provided and the signed acknowledgement kept on the Taxi Council
plate file. If the transfer is conducted elsewhere will that happen, or does it mean the conditions will be removed?
Please look at the following benefits and commit to continuing to support the Taxi Council and only the Taxi
Council when doing your new lease, lease renewal or transfer.
• All the records pertaining to your licence are held at the Taxi Council. Every licence has the whole
historical record regardless of the CBS the licence is in.
• You can move your licence from one CBS to another without needing to ask for your paperwork.
• All leases and transfers conducted in the one place means you have a total picture of pricing trends, not
just the price another Agency like a CBS might want you to have.
• We can provide accurate advice to you, your lessee/lessor, your tax agent or any support Agencies.
• The Taxi Council has a record of encumbrances held on Taxi Licences. This is checked and cleared
before a Licence can be transferred. This register is held for financial institutions who feel confident
knowing their rights are protected.
• The Taxi Council does not have a conflict of interest, we are an Operators’ Association and you can feel
confident that we are providing the best information possible for your situation including independent
advice on current values and industry costs.
To maintain this level of service going forward we recommend that the transfer and lease of licences be
registered at the Taxi Council. By not supporting the Taxi Council in this process you will no longer have accurate
records to support any lobbying to government or media nor will you have a complete file of your own Licence.
You can leave your lease renewal at the Taxi Council and we will arrange to have it signed, please bring it to us
when it arrives in the post and we will tell you what you need to do. Yes, we charge, but it is a small once-off fee
to manage your plate for the whole year. We don’t charge weekly or monthly plate management fees, we are
there 5 days per week to give advice and assistance on any matter pertaining to the industry.
Please call us if you need to know more, this is imperative to the sustainability of the Taxi Council and to the
management of your Taxi Licence.

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