TCSA AGM 2018.

At this week’s Taxi Council of SA AGM a motion was passed by members present to allow the joining fee for TCSA Membership to be reviewed by members at the AGM each year. This was previously about $128 (50% of the full Membership payment). The motion was approved and subsequently the members approved a zero joining fee for the next 12 months to encourage more new members. The joining fee will be reviewed at the 2019 AGM.
The Presidents Report by Steve Savas reported of the actions of the TCSA throughout 2017-18 including constant submissions and letters to the Minister and the DPTI on matters of concern.
Of major concern was; 1)the exclusion of the TCSA from the State Governments P2P Industry Committee which advises the Minister.
2) the withdrawal of Adelaide Airport Limited’s distribution of monies from the e-tag and therefore the concierges
3)the removal of State Government funding to continue with managed ranks.
All these issues are currently being given top priority as the TCSA seek a positive outcome for the Adelaide Taxi Industry and it’s customers.
Unfortunately the lack of unity within the taxi Industry is severely hampering the taxi industry in SA.
It was also announced that the taxi driver training fee would be reduced to further entice new taxi drivers.
TCSA continued to support many taxi license owners, operators and drivers on wide ranging issues that were encountered throughout the year. Future activities also were explained including such as joining the class action in Victoria against Uber and continuing to lobby for compliance of ride share operators.
Concern was raised again with the apparent apathy shown by Taxi License Owners by either not attending the peak bodies AGM or not even being members.
Thank you to all that attended and who were able to be part of the granting of Life Membership to current President Steve Savas.
Well deserved Steve and wife Nicky from all of the taxi industry – both here and nationally.
We ask that you have another concerted push to speak with or write to your local Member of Parliament and explain how poorly you and the taxi industry have been being treated. PLEASE.

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