SA Best Election Policy Announced

Thank you to those who attended the Airport for the SA Best policy announcements. You looked great!
The link to the Channel 9 news report is provided by Richard below.
And the SA Best taxi policy courtesy of Boris.

TAXI plate owners would be provided with an additional $10,000 payment in the next financial year based in part on three years of additional revenue received into the compensation fund;

THE current licence fee of $85 currently being charged for all taxis, hire cars and Uber vehicles will be increased to $600 to raise $2 million a year for a compensation fund for taxi drivers;

MAXIMUM age of taxis will be increased from 6.5 years to eight years or 700,000kms — or whichever comes first;

NOT for Hire signs will be reinstate on hire cars and Uber vehicles to make clear that they cannot be hailed and

REGISTRATION fees for taxis will be reduced from about $6000 to $4500.

Mr Xenophon has also promised an independent review to examine the long term viability of the industry and appropriate transition plans as part of a long-term solution.

“The introduction of Uber in South Australia has had a profound and forever-changing impact on the taxi industry in this state, and as such, is in urgent need of reform,” Mr Xenophon said.

“Taxi owners have been hit particularly hard with the value of their plates plummeting from $400,000 to the point where the market has collapsed,” he said.

The promise came as Mr Xenophon identified six seats — Giles, Hartley, Chaffey, Heysen, Mawson and Port Adelaide — that he believes are his party’s best chances at next week’s State Election.

“They are the six obvious seats based on what some pundits and polls are saying,” Mr Xenophon said.

“But I do think there are still some wildcards seats.

“All of our candidates are working hard.”

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