TLOAQ – Paul Scaini

Queensland – Taxi License Owners Association Queensland
Paul Sacini, CEO of TLOAQ stated “This morning I sent the below to the head office of the United Voice Union.
Given the absolute abandonment of ordinary Australian workers and taxpayers by the various State Governments, at the obvious behest of the Federal Liberal Government, it is time we all stand up.
Hopefully Federal Labor can restore some element of Social Justice to our country, especially given the various Labor State Governments betrayal of their core ethics.
Essential services like Childcare and Transportation cannot be provided at ridiculously discounted costs, simply for Political popularity purposes.
Affected groups must band together or Australian standards of living will soon be those of third world countries.
Please pass this message on, or contact us to discuss”.

Congratulations on your push for higher Childcare worker rates of pay. It is both equitable and just.
The various Australian Taxi Industries support your push for better work conditions and would ask that you and Australian Childcare workers remember them and support them in their fight against Ride Sourcing entities and unfair work practises now formulated and legalized by many State Labor Governments.
It is clear that the Federal & State Governments both want everyday Australians to work for virtually no reward and favour Foreign multinationals and their own popularity over actual Australian taxpayer’s needs and rights.
The Australian public expect and desire exceptional service, but they also want everything cheap, and it is not until it is their wage, earning potential or asset value being threatened, that they have cause for concern.
Please support us as we support you

Paul Scaini

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