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Hi all,

Sorry for the delay in forwarding any correspondence to you.
As many of you would know, trying to work full time and then deal with these Taxi debacle matters, sees precious few hours in the day.

To be frank, from a TSL Owners perspective, little has improved.

The Katter’s, Independents and One Nation seem to be a TSL Owner’s best chance of obtaining any politically associated benefits, distantly followed by the Greens and Liberals, and with no current support whatsoever from a Labor party that has aligned itself to pretty much destroying you financially and betraying its fundamental values.

Lets be clear, nobody is giving TSL Owners any commitment that they will do anything that will see your capital values enhanced or restored, especially in the short term, or income levels lifted substantially.

The “level playing field bullshit” is the standard line of all, One Nation included. My apologies for the frankness.

TSL Owners need a combination of one or all of the following measures and you should be asking for this from whomsoever is standing in your electorate.
Ongoing Income Assistance
Debt Support
Capital Compensation

We cannot give up, because once you do, then all will be lost.

I strongly encourage you to take all and every opportunity that the upcoming election will bring, to attend as many Street Booths as possible and to publically shame the Labor and Liberal sitting members for their ineptness and betrayal.

Loudly and publically ask them;

Why did they vote to legalise a Multinational that entered the Qld and Australian market place illegally?
Why did they support a Foreign Multi National Organization that flouted Australian Laws?
Why did they legislate to destroy Australian working standards and conditions?
Why did they support a Foreign Multinational Organization that denigrates women’s rights
Why do they exempt a Foreign Multi National Organization from the need to comply with normal Industry Standard Safety Measures, as established by Government, even in the face of numerous reported Rapes in the Brisbane Region?

Ask them if they feel personally responsible, and if they don’t, then why don’t they?

Ask these sitting members to express to you their personal point of view on these matters and if they wont tell you it………ask them why they don’t have the guts to tell you it or express themselves?

I know my local member doesn’t. He wont tell me his personal point of view, he actually told me he cant, that he can only express his party line.

In my opinion, people like this are clearly not the people we need in Public Office.

People who don’t have the guts to speak out when things are wrong, are in my opinion, clearly not people looking after the interests of the Qld Community, of their Constituents, and certainly not the needs of Qld TSL Owners.

These people have destroyed a Qld Industry, they have destroyed QLD TSL Owners financially, and you better let them know about it.

I have politely requested TCQ to start using the fighting funds it has raised to do just that………………….fight.

If you have contributed monies to any association and think it appropriate, you may want to consider calling them or emailing them and asking them how they have budgeted to spend these monies and when and how they will be actually be spending them.

There are new Taxi Industry Organisations being formed in this Country, and the Industry has quite clearly splintered.

TSL Owners need to unite and need to come together to protect their own self interests, sooner rather then later. As a collective they then need to be an Industry participant, not as Individuals, as this is what has got us to where we currently are.

You acquired the most expensive Financial Asset that the Industry requires so as to operate, yet it seems that you have been the least represented and certainly the most financially burdened.

Ask yourselves why?

In the absence of advice from our Association, an Owners Association, not an Industry Association, and with no clear end to this debacle in sight, it is essential that you always get Independent Legal and Accounting Advice and start looking after yourselves as best you can.

If you are not a Member and can speak with us, then perhaps its time to speak to new Advisors so that you are not getting the same old opinions.

Ensure that you are paying people who can be Independent and do not accept that what, or who, worked for you in the past, will continue to work for you now.

Do not accept that people necessarily have your best interests at heart.

Start thinking for yourselves.

Most people and businesses seek Independent Legal and Accounting advice whenever confronted with lease renewals and or offers to buy or sell a Licence.

Do you? Did you?

The Industry landscape has changed significantly and people and organisations are looking to protect their own self interests, so you need to as well.

Now all of this has all been very general in nature and that is simply because , on other fronts, we continue with behind the scene discussions and negotiations with Government and Advisors.

There is nothing of any real substance to report at this stage, or rather, nothing that can be publically mentioned.

Certainly nothing to get excited about unfortunately.

Having said this, please feel free to call me any time.

I will endeavour to get back to you as soon as I can, if I cant take the call immediately.

Also please feel free to circulate this email freely.


Paul Scaini

ABN 81 234 116 508
880 Old Cleveland Road Carina, Brisbane QLD 4152
PO Box 22, Carina, Qld 4152
Tel: 3147 8109 | Fax: 07 39017357
Email: admin@tloqld.com.au

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