From Qld but relevant to SA


The solicitors for the Victorian Taxi & Hire Car Families Association are going to court in the next couple of weeks to demand the Government supply documentation, which hopefully produces a smoking gun, and sets them on the path for compensation for the loss of property values experienced by them.
Our organisation has recently been supplied with some information which we requested under the freedom of information act, which has had a substantial element withheld supposedly based on public interest….. We are appealing this, but it is typical of how this and other Government operates…trying to string out and frustrate their opposition, so the straight to court approach whilst costly, will hopefully be effective for them.
The problem with legal action obviously is cost….different states and legislations means Australian Licence Owners can’t really unite and fight one case….which would certainly help makes things more affordable.
Victoria is further down the track and perhaps we need to sit back and see where they go, before launching our own actions….. this was also the advice of the Lawyers acting for them with whom I met.
I would really like to see the Legal advice TCQ got, at the great expense borne by Owners.
In the meanwhile, Stephen Lacaze really seems on the correct track in trying to publically discredit Uber / Ride Sourcing and more to the point, the Qld Politicians whose inept performance in supposedly representing this State have ultimately supported pathetic business practises of many Ride Sourcing organisations.
I, like Stephen, have been attending the weekend pop up offices that these Politicians hold as much as possible and recommend everyone also do so.
This is going to be a long fight, but with an election coming up, these Politicians actually care about what is being said about them publically…..especially in front of their constituents.
Whilst Owners are hurting and our ultimate goal is obviously ongoing Financial Assistance / Financial Compensation for Owners, the suggestion is that you don’t go straight to this… to it…..Shame these Politicians publically…….Start with their failure to ensure Public Safety……move to the uneven playing fields dilemma…..tell them that their Support Local Business Propaganda they are running on TV is a complete joke, and a waste of advertising money that is simply not supported by their actual actions……talk about fair levels of remuneration for workers and their failure to support workers rights…. Then demand to know how they are going to fix this mess that they created and that they personally voted for.
They voted for poor Safety measures and demand to know what they are going to do to keep the public safe.
They voted to slash workers pay rates.
They voted to steal from Qld Taxi Licence Owners
Then hit them with the fact that they have not only abrogated their responsibility to look after their constituents safety, but they have also, in doing so, stolen your income and capital value……They are responsible for poorly thought out and implemented Ride Sourcing legislation and demand to know what they will do to fix this mess.
How will they keep the Public Safe and restore what they have stolen from you.
These public measures must be undertaken, in conjunction with exploring legal alternatives.
Paul Scaini

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