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Hello ATLOA Members,
Those who attended the ATLOA General Meeting on Tuesday 12th September would be aware that the Manager of 13 Cabs Adelaide, Chris Cudsi gave an insight into matters associated and answered questions. Those present warmly thanked Chris’ and his company’s actions which has greatly helped in stabilising both taxi license values and weekly lease fees. Chris stated that the biggest issue presently within the industry is the shortage of drivers which 13Cabs are attempting to address with marketing and the instigation of their own taxi driver courses. ATLOA thanks Chris for his attendance.
We are also imminently expecting a marketing campaign by the TCSA.
Other local news includes Suburban Taxis ‘set fare’ proposal announcement and an acceptance to rejoin the TCSA. (See below).
All this is good news as we lead into the busier times of the year for taxis. We just need a genuine attempt for compliance amongst all sectors of public transport!
Regards Kym.

Letter from Suburban Taxi’s CEO, Vince Mazzone regarding rejoining the TCSA .
Dear All
This is a brief note to update you on recent development regarding Taxi Council SA and Suburban Transport Services Pty Ltd ( Suburban Taxis).
After serious consideration and due diligence undertaken by Suburban Taxis Board and senior management I’m pleased to announce The Board of Suburban Taxis have approved me to accept an invitation to join the Taxi Council SA as an Appointee Committee Member.
My view is now, I need to take on some responsibility to support the wider Industry and assist Taxi Council in meeting its key objectives. For those who don’t know much about me, I have been in this industry for 5 years, I hold a Bachelor of Commerce (fully qualified Accountant) and a Masters of Business Administration and for the last 18 months I have undertaken the role of CEO for Suburban Transport Services Pty Ltd under the guidance and mentoring of Wally Sievers, who you know is a proven leader in our industry.
I feel I’m now well positioned to assist with the necessary advocacy and policy influence that Taxi Council SA are now undertaking through one of the most tumultuous times, both globally and locally, for the taxi industry.
Our acceptance is at this stage, is for 12 months and will be reviewed after that period by my Board to assess the positive impact on the industry I have made, but more importantly ensure it has not come at the cost ( time wise) of this business. Suburban Taxis, as you know, from recent changes, is focusing on being the South Australian taxi company of choice will the continued concentration on innovation and marketing.
I hope you all see this as a positive set forward, but I would like to reinforce our strategy on keeping our industry viable for all stakeholders.
Kind regards

Suburban Taxis introduce fixed fares to Adelaide as reported last week.

Stung by the entry of UberX into the lucrative Adelaide Airport market, cab companies are now offering a fixed charge for journeys
Miles Kemp, The Advertiser
September 12, 2017 11:19pm
THE taxi industry is hitting back at UberX by copying its business model and offering customers fixed-price fares.
Suburban Taxis is the first to take the leap, allowing customers the option of avoiding meter costs and getting a quote using online mapping.
The customer must use the website suburbantaxis.com.au, which uses a taxi program fixedfare.net to make estimates depending on the time of day and traffic conditions.
Suburban Taxis CEO Vince Mazzone said the company was operating on a business model of five per cent less than metered fares on average.
He said the savings were much greater if there were delays on the journey, for example from heavy traffic, which could add $10 or more to a peak hour taxi journey.
Yesterday a dummy website quote took 30 seconds and produced a $16 fee from The Advertiser building in Waymouth St to Adelaide Airport.
“The idea has been very popular so far, particularly for airport drop-offs,’’ Mr Mazzone said.
“A recent survey found that customer’s desire fixed fares, as it gives a higher level of certainty and confidence in undertaking a taxi ride.’’
Taxis are not allowed by law to charge more than a journey would cost metered.
The Suburban Taxis service is similar to the UberX model which has taken the world by storm, replacing distanced and time-based metered taxi charges with an upfront fee.
Taxi Council SA president Jim Triantafyllou said he was aware of other companies considering similar services, but they had not yet made the commitment.
The minimum cost of a trip using the Suburban Taxis service is $10.
Taxis companies are scrambling to compete with UberX following a decision in July by Adelaide Airport to open its lucrative drop-off and pick-up market to the global giant.

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