Members Message 18th August 2017

Hello ATLOA Members.

Also, we have been aware that at least 2 Taxi License Owners have received cheques this week from the State Government for payment of the assistance package of $30,000 for each License owned.
This will be excellent news, especially for those in financial difficulties.

Additionally, I am still accepting stories of hardship from Taxi License owners who are suffering by the State Governments decision to allow ride sharing firms to firstly – operate illegally and secondly and presently – partly legal.
Please contact me ASAP.

Because of this hardship brought about by the State Governments actions, I have several Taxi License Owners who wish to sell a Taxi License to relieve some of that stress. Please contact me if you are interested.

We are also compiling information on anybody who acquired a Taxi License in the last one or two Taxi License tender ballots, as we believe these owners have further grounds for compensation because the State Government was allegedly aware of the impending entry of ride sharing firms in Adelaide. Please respond if you are in this category.

MOST IMPORTANTLY – DEADLINES FOR THE ASSISTANCE PACKAGE TO TAXO LICENSE OWNERS CLOSES ONTE 30TH NOVEMBER. If you have not applied for the assistance package, you still have some time but don’t leave it until the last minute.

Furthermore, we are also aware that both Qld & NSW’s taxi license assistance packages have been identified as taxable income by the Australian Taxation Office (ATO). We have sought confirmation with questions tabled by MP John Darley in SA Parliament on the 31st May. The questions of payment time frame to both License Owners and License Operators, tax implications and are taxi license fees to be reduced, was taken on notice by MP Malinauskas as the Minister of Transport was not in attendance. As of today, no response has been received.

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