Facebook & Hardship details

We are wishing to start a facebook campaign but need your help. If anybody is capable and willing to help ATLOA in this regard – please contact us.

Most importantly, through associates, we have been asked to provide details to a political party of anybody that is willing to share their stories on the hardship you presently face because of the Governments allowance of the ride sharing services such as Uber.
By compiling accurate case notes on those who are affected, the political party will lobby on our behalf.

This is most important – we must highlight the severe hardship some of us are facing, otherwise the Government will believe we have no issue with the disruptive ride sharing services.

Please contact me at your earliest convenience.
We understand the information may be sensitive and we will do our best to keep it private unless you approve otherwise.
Contact me at vhw@bigpond.com or by phone 0427 974901.

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