Uber scam: Woman approached by man claiming to be her ride


Darren Cartwright (AAP), The Courier-Mail

May 17, 2017 12:26pm

A Quick-thinking Uber passenger avoided being scammed when a man

approached her on a Gold Coast street claiming to be her ride to the


Businesswoman Tracy Sinclair was standing in Palm Avenue, Surfers

Paradise about 7am Thursday waiting for her ride-sharing vehicle when,

ahead of schedule, a car stopped in front of her.

Ms Sinclair said the driver got out, popped the boot and went to grab

her suitcase.

“I had a big suitcase with me so I was clearly going somewhere and I was

watching the car on my app and this car turned up,” Ms Sinclair told The


“I thought that was quick and maybe the app is out of whack.

“He jumped out and has gone to grab my bag but he didn’t say my name or

his and he didn’t look like his (Uber) photo, so I thought I better just

check the licence plate and it wasn’t the same.

“I looked at the back and didn’t see an Uber sticker and then I said

‘no, you’re not my lift’ and he said, ‘you ordered me, you asked for a

special order’ and with that he jumped in the car and sped off.”

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