Uber looks for Darwin drivers


May 8, 2017 4:08pm

ONLINE advertisements seeking Darwin Uber drivers don’t mention the need

for criminal record checks, but the company says the ads are just meant

to gauge support before the service is up and running.

And the company stated yesterday the ads should not be construed as

evidence they were coming to the NT under proposed commercial vehicle


“We have ads running in a wide range of locations across Australia

giving locals the opportunity to express an interest in driving on the

Uber platform,” a spokesman said.

“We have no plans to launch in the NT under the proposed regulations.”

The Government announced proposed changes to the commercial vehicle

regulations last month that would permit ridesharing services in the NT.

That included reducing taxi licence fees from $20,000 to $5000,

resulting in an estimated loss of $4 million per year that would be made

up by imposing a $1 levy on all Uber rides, the Government said.

But Uber said the levy was not fair and the registration costs are too

restrictive for operators.

They have asked for changes that Infrastructure Minister Nicole Manison

has indicated won’t happen.

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