Rideshare service UberX has finally been accredited to operate in Adelaide


April 28, 2017 10:00pm

RIDESHARE service UberX has finally been accredited to operate in Adelaide, a month after the State Government said Uber had agreed to comply with regulations and on the eve of a new $1 tax on all point-to-point trips from Monday.

The accreditation confirmation late yesterday, after inquiries from The Advertiser, means UberX operators will join taxis in having to collect the tax.

It was met with a grudging acceptance from Uber Adelaide in an email to customers.

“We don’t believe this new and permanent tax on the South Australian travelling public is fair or justified, but we’re complying with our legal requirement to collect it,” it said.

Before the accreditation, which is initially for six months, the taxi industry had complained that rogue UberX drivers operating outside the law would fail to collect the levy.

Transport Minister Stephen Mullighan said Uber would have to ensure the tax was collected.

“As part of operating as an accredited booking service, Uber will need to ensure all vehicles have passed roadworthiness inspections and all drivers have had the required checks to establish they are fit and proper people to be providing these services, including medical, police and working with children checks,” Mr Mullighan said.

The levy is designed to fund compensation for taxi plate owners and drivers and a raft of other reforms to the industry, including a reduction in operating fees and surcharges on fare payments by credit cards.



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