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From: DPTI:P2P Reforms <DPTI.P2PReforms@sa.gov.au>

Thank you for your emails on a variety of accreditation matters from 29 April until 5 May 2017.

Please find this email as a response to date.

All operators and drivers providing a passenger transport service are bound by the Passenger Transport Act 1994 and the Passenger Transport Regulations 2009 and as such, compliance activity continues to take place.

With regard to the collection of the $1 levy, sanction models have been put in place for non-reporting or non-payment.  Examples of these include:

  • Non-return – an average of trips may be applied and an invoice sent accordingly
  • Non-payment – referral to the Passenger Transport Standards Committee and/or referral to the debt collection unit

As you may be aware, the Passenger Transport Standards Committee has disciplinary powers as per the Act and will issue penalties as per their authority.

The $1 levy will be used to fund assistance to taxi licence holders and lessees in transitioning to the new framework ($30,000 compensation payment to taxi licence holders who held a licence as at 12 April 2016 and $50 a week payments for lessees {for up to 11 months per leased licence}), to reduce or remove annual fees for all passenger transport services and to support other industry initiatives such as a lifting fee for people with disabilities who use a wheelchair or large mobility device and travel in an accessible taxi. 

It is expected that the levy will raise approximately $8 million per annum to assist in providing the above.

Please note that while a relevant provider must collect the $1 levy from persons using the service and pay to the Minister, the legislation does not specify how the levy must be displayed in information provided by the relevant provider. In light of this, it is up to each relevant provider to decide what suits their business model, however, any non-payment or non-reporting will be actioned as stated above.

In relation to additional penalties, work is continuing on further sanctions models as advised by the Minister.  The Compulsory Third Party insurance premiums are expected to be reviewed at the end of this year by the Compulsory Third Party Regulator.

Superannuation and WorkCover specific requirements are not specifically covered within the Passenger Transport Act 1994 and Passenger Transport Regulations 2009. You are welcome to contact the relevant authorities on these matters to discuss your questions further.

I trust this is of assistance.

Point to Point Reforms Team

Taxi and Chauffeur Vehicle Reform
Registration and Licensing
Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure
T 1300 623 597    E DPTI.P2PReforms@sa.gov.au
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