Annual General Meeting


To be held 6pm Tuesday 13th June 2017 at Refined Real Estate, 278 Anzac Highway Plympton.

  1. Presidents welcome by Alex Mezhvinsky.
  2. Aplologies.
  3. Ratification of previous General Meeting Minutes of 20th March 2017.
  4. Presidents Report.
  5. Financial Report by Boris Mezhvinsky.
  6. Auditors Report.
  7. Appointment of Committee.

In accordance with the ATLOA Association Rules, 50% of the Committee must retire at this AGM. They may renominate to stand for re-election if they so desire.

The three Committee Members to retire are;

   Peter Jackson is not renominating.

   Kerry Tsimopouolos and Richard Watts have both renomoniated.

Committee have already invited Mary Cavallaro to join the Committee which she has accepted.

ATLOA Rules allow an additional 2 new Committee Members to join those renonimating and the existing Committee of Alex Mezhvinsky, Boris Mezhvinsky & Kym Woolford.

Please contact the Secretary if you would like to nominate for the remaining positions.


  1. General Business.


  1. Meeting Close.


Regards Kym Woolford,

Secretary of ATLOA.

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