UK Rise in casualties since Uber

Transport for London figures show there has been a 44 per cent rise in the number of casualties involving taxis or private hire vehicles in the capital  since Uber launched its main service in London, UberX, in July 2013.

The number of casualties in the year to June 30 2013 was 530. In the year to June 30 2015, it was 691, a 30 per cent increase. By September 30 2015, the latest available figure, there had been 763 casualties in the preceding 12 months, a 44 per cent rise. Most involved only minor injury.

By September 2015, the taxi and private hire vehicle casualty rate was 102 per cent above the 2005-9 average, according to TfL.

The TfL figures are not broken down between private hire vehicles and black taxis and nor do they identify individual private hire companies

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