Taxi driver slams Tim Nicholls at community forum


Anthony Templeton, The Courier-Mail

March 16, 2017 10:55pm

Tim Nicholls told ‘why I don’t vote for you’

AN angry taxi driver crashed a press conference held by Opposition

Leader Tim Nicholls press conference in Cairns.

Mr Nicholls had just started speaking to the media after a community

forum on Thursday night when Robin Heath, 59, walked over with a

half-eaten sandwich in his hand and started arguing with the Opposition

Leader about the ride-sharing industry.

“You can explain to the people of Cairns and the media why you have

destroyed my income, my family, my livelihood,” Mr Heath said after

interrupting the press conference.

A taxi driver blasted Tim Nicholls, saying he expected to lose about 50

per cent of his income after the introduction of Uber. Picture: Mark Calleja

Mr Heath said he had driven a taxi in Cairns for 17 years but was

expecting to lose about 50 per cent of his income after the introduction

of Uber, which has started in North Queensland.

“These people have sold me out to … foreign capitalists for nothing,”

he said.

Mr Heath blamed both the Labor Government and the LNP for the dire

situation cabbies had found themselves in.

“The way this country is being run into the ground by the politicians,

it’s time it stopped,” he said.

“I don’t care what politician it is … they’re all in it together.”

Mr Heath also blamed the global financial system for the poor state of

the economy in Cairns.

After Mr Heath interrupted the press conference, Mr Nicholls and LNP

Deputy Leader Mrs Frecklington left the hall at Cazalys but later

returned to the venue to speak to representatives from the local taxi


It’s understood Mr Heath was removed from Cazalys.

It comes after Mr Nicholls faced another fiery confrontation the night

before in Townsville, where he was challenged to win back conservative

voters or spend another term out of government.

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