RIDESHARE service UberX is set to become legitimate after operating illegally for almost a year, according to the State Government.

A $1 levy on all fares will also come into legal effect on April 3, but customers will not be

 charged until May 1 to give taxis, chauffeur vehicles and rideshare operators time to adjust

and update their meters and systems, the government said.

Uber’s rideshare booking service does not have government approval to operate because the app based company wouldn’t meet regulations introduced mid last year.

Uber complained that the government’s regulation were expensive and time consuming.

This has resulted in a stand-off with the government, which has used undercover investigators to fine UberX drivers.

The paperwork for UberX accreditation is expected in the next few days.

So far 321 drivers have been reported for operating unaccredited, Transport Minister Stephen Mullighan said.

The majority of matters have originated at the CBD and the airport,’’ he said.

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