It’s prohibited for Uber to carry passengers under the age of 18 without a parent or guardian present.

But that hasn’t stopped a number of parents attempting to toss their children into a ride-sharing vehicle and sending them on their way to school or sport practice.

Teenagers are also using the app by booking through their mum or dads’ phone.

However, Uber drivers are now copping the brunt of irritated parents when they’ve had to deny a ride to minors, the Herald Sun reports.

One Uber driver told the Herald Sun that he was slammed by a fuming mother when he declined to take her daughter to dance lessons.

“I told her ‘I’m not refusing to take her, you just need to be in the car’,” the driver said.

“She told she was going to complain to Uber and kept abusing me.”

According to the publication both teenagers and parents with young children are trying their luck with different drivers who are happy to ignore Uber’s rules.

It is understood drivers are now carrying the Uber policy with them while on the job, in an attempt to prove to users that they cannot accept rides from unaccompanied minors.

Uber spokesman Caspar Nixon told the Herald Sun that to create a ride-share account with the company, the user needs to be older than 18.

“If a child is using an adult’s account, a parent or guardian must be with them at all times as per our community guidelines,” he said.

“A driver-partner may refuse to drive a rider if they believe they are not the account holder or under the age of 18.”


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