ACT government releases more taxi plates into the market

The taxi industry has accused the ACT government of reneging on an agreement with its decision this week to release 50 extra taxi plates to the market over the coming year.

The taxi plates will cost $5000 a year to lease, with the first 10 available from March 1. The government says they will be allocated to people on the waiting list, first come, first served, with people only allowed one license at a time. Currently 251 are waiting for a standard plate.

It is the first time the government has released taxi plates since 2013 and the move is set to bring further upheaval to the local industry.

The industry has been in flux since the coming of Uber in 2015, which ended the monopoly taxis had held on the local market.

The government has also slashed the price of leasing taxi plates, from $20,000 in 2015, to $5000 now.

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