A Big Risk – Fake Uber

‘A big risk’: Victorian police issue ‘fake Uber’ warning

Yahoo7 News on January 23, 2017, 5:54 pm


Victorian police have issued a ‘fake Uber’ warning after a number of unregistered drivers were offering lifts after the prestigious Portsea Polo event.


Senior Sergeant Miro Majstrorovic told NewsCorp the Mornington Peninsula passengers were taking “a big risk” by getting in the car of somebody who is not registered.


“A lot can go wrong and there’s not much police can do after the event,” he said. “There is no regulatory body to help police investigate or cameras in vehicles to record any problems.”


It’s believed at least two drivers offered lifts on January 14 from outside the Hotel Sorrento after 11pm.



Police are warning passengers to be wary of ‘fake Ubers’

One driver, in a BMW, offered to take four people to Mt Martha and Mt Eliza for $200 while a second man took three passengers to homes in Rye and Mt Martha for $150 after first stopping for pizza.


Drivers who operate a vehicle for hire without accreditation can face a fine of up to $1866.


An Uber spokesperson told NewsCorp there was a designated “safe wait zone” for passengers after the Portsea Polo event.


The spokesperson said it was up to passengers to ensure they do the appropriate safety checks including noting the make, model and licence plate and making it sure it matches the car details in the app.


The spokesperson said passengers should also ask drivers to confirm their first names before starting their journey.

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