Unruly Uber passengers face lifetime bans

Unruly passengers face lifetime Uber bans

Anthony Galloway, Herald Sun
December 21, 2016 7:30pm
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UBER has warned its unruly passengers they could be slapped with lifetime bans heading into the busy Christmas period.

Damaging drivers’ property, physical contact with the driver and having sex in the car are just some of the ways Uber customers can be barred from the ride-sharing service.

Uber will today publish new guidelines outlining the reasons passengers can be banned, in an effort to stamp out drunken, violent and inappropriate behaviour ahead of the silly season.

The company has already banned riders from the application for violating guidelines — including for discriminatory comments, intentional damage to cars and sexual harassment — but the new policy will be published to clearly set out what is expected.

The release of the policy comes ahead of busiest time of the year when the service is in high demand from revellers heading out for drinks. The no-go areas will include:

ANY kind of unwanted contact with the driver after the ride is finished including texting and calling;

ASKING overly personal questions, verbal threats, making comments or gestures that are aggressive, sexually discriminatory or disrespectful;

BRINGING open containers of alcohol or drugs into the car;

ENCOURAGING drivers to break local traffic laws including speed limits; and

HAVING sex with the driver or other passengers.

Uber Australia general manager David Rohrsheim said the company wanted to warn passengers about the consequences of bad behaviour heading into the Christmas period.

“We want all Uber journeys to be enjoyable for everyone in the car, and that can only happen when both riders and drivers treat each other with respect,” Mr Rohrsheim said.

“While we find most riders are great, we’ve seen the odd instance of rude, inappropriate or abusive behaviour, and we’re making it clear to riders this is not on.

“Our driver-partners tell us they like chatting and interacting with riders and just want people to be respectful of their car, personal space, safety on the road and time.”

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