In the UK, driver numbers double taknig action against Uber

Number of drivers bringing legal action against Uber doubles

A further 25 Uber drivers have joined the legal a against Uber, according to the law firm bringing the case. The current number of workers claiming now stands at 50.

The announcement follows October’s historic employment tribunal ruling which found that a group of Uber drivers were not self-employed but were workers and therefore entitled to be paid at least the National Minimum Wage and holiday pay. The judgment could affect tens of thousands of Uber drivers.

According to Nigel MacKay of law firm Leigh Day who is representing the claimants, the recognition of the drivers as workers does not prevent them from working flexibly,

Mr MacKay said: “The judgment at the Employment Tribunal does not prevent Uber drivers from working flexibly, it simply ensures that whilst they are working the drivers receive the rights that every other worker is entitled to.

“Since the judgment was issued, we and GMB have spoken to hundreds of Uber drivers who wish to claim compensation for Uber’s failure to provide these entitlements in the past, as well as to ensure that they are paid at least the national minimum wage and holiday pay in future

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