ATLOA General Meeting held 13.12.16

A General Meeting was held on the 13th December where 36 passionat taxi license owners attended.

President Alex Mezhvinsky reported on recent events occuring both locally, interstate and overseas.

Most concern was of the illegal activities of ride sharing firm Uber which is not abiding to the operation conditions implemented by the State Government. ATLOA encouraged all who attended to firstly spread the word that Uber or any other ride sharing firm have not been accredited to operate in SA and secondly to contact your local Member of Parliament to advise of your feelings of this situation.

Members present were encouraged to either meet your local MP personally or at the very least write a letter to them about the lack of support the taxi industry has obtained both State & Federal Governments plus the uneven playing field we find us in with these rogue ride sharing operators.

ATLOA continue to support the TCSA and contribute through Alex’s position on their Committee and encourage all Taxi License Owners to also unite to be part of the peak industry body – the TCSA.

ATLOA acknowledge the TCSA for allowing us to forward information to ATLOA Members that comes to hand and also thank Richard Watts who surfs the net for relevant information. Very much appreciated.

TCSA have recently written to institutions including Allianz, AAMI, QBE, SGIC (CTP Insurance) and CBA, Channel 10, ABC, 5AA regarding the illegal activities and unlevel playing field statements.

The ATO have also recntly made a statement that they will investigate the ride sharing industry.

Members present were also encouraged to spread the word about the ATLOA Association as we strive to get more involved. An ATLOA flyer will be investigated but in the mean time please spread the word.

The Committee proposed that an additioanl Member, Geoff Smith be ratified by the Members present to join the Committee. Geoff accepted and was unanimously voted to be part of the ATLOA Committee.
The invitation was also extended to any other members who wished to join to contact us.

On the lease front it was reported that there are no unused Taxi Licences available and there appears to be a number of new accredited taxi operators ready to enter the industry.

With this information you should be able to make a judgement call on your weekly lease fee but if you have any concerns please contact ATLOA for advice. Alex is happy to give you up to date information which will help you make an informed decision. Alex can be contacted on 0417 344572.

Members gave valuable feedback during the meeting which the Committee will take on board for future action.

In closing Alex, on behalf of all Members thanked Peter Tsimopoulos for his fantastic work in creating the ATLOA website & producing the ATLOA logo.

A full set of Minutes of this Meeting will be distributed at a future time.

Merry Christmas all and have a Happy New Year.

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