TCSA AGM 23/11/16

The Taxi Council of SA AGM was held 23/11/16 where President Jim Triantafyllou gave a comprehensive report on Council activities and achievements during the year.

Alarming was the report that no ride sharing services in SA are accredited to be operational other than 2 individual operators. Non compliance is a major issue for us all and we must all help the industry to identify offenders and demand compliance from the State Government. Please lobby your local Member of Parliament. We must not let our market be eroded by unscrupulous actions.

Also the decision by 13cabs to enter the ride sharing service market and subsequently withdraw from the associated Taxi Council’s in Adelaide, Victoria and New South Wales, was a huge stab in the back for the small taxi business operator.

Subsequently this contributed to the recent breakdown of our affiliate Taxi Council in Victoria, who now join Western Australia &Tasmania as not having a State Taxi Council.

Jim positively reflected on the hard work of the TCSA Committee who continue to put the Taxi Industry first and strive for the level playing field we all desire.

No elections for TCSA Committee was required as all existing Committee members due for re-election were elected unopposed.

Two Constitution amendments were ratified unanimously by Members present which will enable a more workable and diverse TCSA Committee representation to face the challenges ahead.

Most disappointing was that the State Government had no representative in attendance either from the Ministers office or the DPTI.

On a brighter note was that the industry is maintaining a status quo in regards to taxi work and lease and License values after a previous slump.

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