About Our Mission

Our mission is simple - Justice in the form of financial compensation for all in the taxi industry.

We are one Industry and need each other. The South Australian government is endeavouring to divide us and defeat us. We must fight together and seek financial compensation for loss in value in taxi plates and income.

The legislation introduced by the South Australia State Government is unacceptable and the most unfair impost on a defenceless section of the community who are predominantly mums and dads.

To all members and families of the Taxi fraternity the financial, emotional and even physical consequences need no explanation so its imperative that we join forces during this difficult period.

Why Join?

The Australian Taxi Licence Owners Association (ATLOA) was established to represent the interests of taxi owners acting as small businesses in Adelaide, South Australia.

Financial Compensation For Taxi Owners

Why doesn't the State Government help taxi license owners during this crises in response to the arrival of new ride-sourcing arrangements? Mums and dads retirement savings invested in taxi licenses are virtually worthless due to this unregulated market and is no longer tolerable.

Numerous plights of financial and emotional hardship are recorded and yet the SA State Government has failed to act.